The Moselle Valley is perfect for adventure or relaxation

The Moselle river (or "Mosel" as it's known in Germany) originates in France, runs through Luxembourg, and eventually connects to the Rhine river in Koblenz. It is often referred to as the most beautiful river valley in Germany. Our home is located in the middle of the German part of the river, known as the "Mittelmosel." It is a region famous for its wine, hiking paths, biking paths, stunning landscapes, and hot springs. Zell's central location makes it an excellent home base for exploring the region - whether by bike, by ferry, or by air (Frankfurt-Hahn airport is only 10km away).

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Rick Steves loves the Moselle Valley

"I like the tune the Mosel River plays. It's impressive that just a couple of quiet days here can relax your mind and restore your spirit."


The world's best Riesling

If the thought of Riesling conjures up a cheap, overly sweet white wine then it's time to give the varietal another try. Riesling from this region is bright, crisp and has a wonderfully refreshing minerality that will challenge your preconceived notions - and the area is full of countless vineyards where you can find your favorite among the tasting rooms.

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250km of bike paths, right outside your front door

The Moselle Cycle Route runs for 250km along the path of the Moselle from its origin in France to Koblenz. This route is picturesque and paved, making it simple enough for bikers of any age or ability. Throughout town are plenty of bike rental businesses who will rent you a traditional bike or an e-bike. 


World-class hiking

The Moselle region is very well known for its hiking paths, with trails winding up and down the vineyards and through the hills around the area. 

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Explore neighboring towns by ferry

During the high season, ferries provide transport between Zell, Traben-Trarbach and Bernkastel-Kues. These towns all have easily a full days' worth of exploring within, and the ferry is a stress-free way to explore the area.


Hot springs for healing

The Moselle river valley features numerous hot springs, perfect for relaxing after hiking or biking.


Traverse the Gierlay Suspension Bridge

This gorgeous suspension bridge spans over the Moselle and offers the most spectacular views of the river valley


Explore Burg Eltz

This medieval castle is 850 years old and still owned by the same family that lived there in the 12th century, and it has never been destroyed. 


Climb up to the Collisturm

Starting right in the center of Zell, you can take a path that climbs up through the vineyards, all the way up to the mountain overlooking the town, which features the old watchtower (Collisturm) and usually a little hut serving wine and schnapps to reward yourself for a challenging hike!